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Botox Therapy

Botox is a form of neuromuscular blocking agent that stops signal from the nerve to the muscle, thereby preventing the muscle from contracting. Botox therapy has no down time and can produce results in approximately 7 to 10 days.

Benefits of Botox Therapy:

  • Smoothens wrinkles by relaxing wrinkle-causing muscles
  • Minimizes furrows and wrinkles particularly on forehead and in between eyebrows
  • Reduces the effects of aging by reducing facial lines found by frowning, squinting and smiling
  • Reduces square jaw
  • Reduces clenching and grinding forces, and relieves TMJ pain
  • Reduces gummy smile

Commonly Treated Areas:

  • Forehead (Frown lines)
  • Eyes (Crows’ Feet)
  • Lips and mouth creases
  • Nose to mouth lines (Laugh Lines)
  • Jawline and chin

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